What are Equity Derivatives?

A derivative is a security in the form of an agreement signed between two or more entities to buy or sell assets in the future. This agreement is called a contract. Investors make profits by anticipating the future value of that asset. While trading on a contract, you only pay a margin and not the entire amount, which could sometimes run into large amounts and thus a better return on your capital. This will allow you to maintain a high outstanding, and the profit earned from accurate predictions results in an exponentially high growth. Investors trade equity derivatives in order to transfer the risks associated with assets. This risk is shifted from risk-averse individuals to those who undertake heavy risks in the share market, thus allowing the former to enhance their safety.

What is Intraday Trading?

In intraday trading or day trading, you must square off all positions before the market closes (generally if using broker margin then 3.15PM . For the purpose of intraday trading, you may avail of margins, which is defined as the funding provided by the broker to increase your exposure in the stock market. It allows you to purchase/sell additional number of stocks, which would otherwise require you to invest greater amount of funds.

Should I trade in ‘Futures and Options’ segment?

Yes, you can trade in F&O segment if you have sufficient capital and risk appetite for the same. F&O segment has many benefits which equity cash segment doesn’t have so we always prefer trading in F&O segment and our services are designed to serve primarily in F&O segment. We are providing only genuine trading calls in f&o segment in Indian Stock Market with good accuracy from which one can earn enormous profits.

Do you provide Intraday advice?

Yes, Rudraksh Investment provide Intraday guideline in Indian Stock Market and Commodity Market where we focus on limited and quality trading. Our limited trades give accuracy of 75% – 95%. Our experts and analysts provide 1 or 2 Intraday call only. Rudraksh Investment provides Pure Intraday Genuine calls and there will be full follow-up of this call till our call is open.

Do you provide Options Trading Services?

Yes, we provide option trading services. We provide options services in Stock/Index options. We focus on limited and quality trading so we provide 7 to 10 calls in a month, which give very good results in small capital. Our Best Options advice gives best results to small traders who have very limited capital or who don’t want to take a huge risk. Trades will be in Call Option(CE) or Put Option(PE) and full guidance will be provided from entry to exit (Booking Profits or Stops)

How many trading calls will I get daily?

Number of Trading calls will be given depending upon the package which you have opted and market movements or conditions. We also focus on Personalization Trading so we provide services as per your risk profile and capital availability. We don’t provide a large number of trades so never expect frequent trading calls from our services. Our basic policy and management prefers limited and quality trading because excess trading just make yout broker rich.

What is the guarantee of success of the stocks advised in services?

Categorically we state that ‘We do not promise or provide any guarantee of success for the advised stocks in our various services’. Stock market investments are subject to market risk and nothing is guaranteed here but we always make sure that we provide quality services in terms of overall satisfaction and our team always supports you to reach your goals. Rudraksh investment is the Investment Advisory In India which provides limited and quality advice only. Rudraksh Investment’s main motive is to secure client’s capital and never take heavy risks in the stock market for capital safety.

How do you provide advice ? By SMS, WhatsApp or Phone call?

Our most of the packages have Phone call personalization facility in which we provide everything as per your requirement. We believe in quality trading and client satisfaction so we always appoint a special Relationship Manager for each client to provide satisfactory services. WhatsApp support from each client’s RM is also available.

Do you provide services outside of India? If Yes, How you communicate?

Truly we give benefits throughout the world. If you are putting resources into Indian market and you need our recommendation, we generally give on schedule. These administrations are accessible for the most part in all regular universal correspondence stages like WhatsApp, Skype and so on.

Which is the most accurate Service Provider in India?

Precision and quality is more enthusiastically to discover in financial exchange uncommonly when there are loads of organizations accessible in India, which claims 90% to 100% accuracy however when you attempt them, you find just half to 60% exactness. A few Advisories just send visit messages which you are not ready to pursue or even get time to exchange on all messages. A few Advisories simply give their perspectives with no solid target and stoploss. Most precise stock exhortation supplier: Rudraksh Investment give best and most exact stock counsel in India which is absolutely centered around quality instead of amount. We give least number of tips with high accuracy and that is the motivation behind why our authentic precision is over 90%.

What will be the mode of service?

We provide stock market tips by instant SMS and on Yahoo Messenger with full support on Yahoo messenger, emails and on phone even after market hour’s as well.

Do You give Free Trial?

Yes , we do provide 2 days free trial of our all packages. Please find Trial form at TRIAL REQUEST FORM on website Home Page or Click here