What do we serve in Crude Oil package?

  • This package is ideal for working Traders dealing in Crude Oil Segment.
  • Less number of calls will be there according to your Risk Profile and we will work 100% on your satisfaction needs.
  • Capital requirement is Rs 50,000 for this package.
  • Trades will be provided in Energy and quality will be our top notch priority.
  • We only show you Genuine accuracy. No false commitments!

Sample Call

Sell CrudeOil Below 4168 SL 4185 Target 4115

Buy CrudeOil Above 4000 SL 3985 Target 4070


CrudeOil booked at 4130, Profit 40 Points/Lot

CrudeOil booked at 4050, Profit 50 Points/Lot

Subscription Packages

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