What do we serve in Equity Option Ruby service package?

  • This package is ideal for risk aggressive and Passionate traders who wish to deal with small capital and a greater return on investment.
  • The Risk to reward ratio will be much higher than the EQUITY OPTIONS package and there will be more returns on capital comparatively in this segment
  • This is a package in which anticipated profit will be Rs 75000-80000Rs.
  • Capital requirement is Rs 1,00,000 for this package which is slightly more than Equity Options package
  • Trades will be provided in Options segment Comprising of Calls and Puts
  • There will be assigned RM (Relationship Manager) for you to guide everything with personal phone number and WhatsApp support.
  • We only show you Genuine accuracy. No false commitments!

Sample Call

  • Buy Jublfood 1300Ce at 40 SL 32 Target 80
  • Buy Reliance 1200Pe at 12 SL 9 Target 30


  • Jublfood Ce booked at 80, Profit 20000/Lot.
  • Reliance Pe booked at 30 , Profit 6000/Lot

Subscription Packages

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